How much is a Mercedes replacement key in Fort Lauderdale?

How much is a Mercedes replacement key in Fort Lauderdale?

    Mercedes Benz keys are not like your regular transponder keys, they require specialized equipment and technicians who are well trained and certify to work on them. Many Locksmiths will have purchased some cheap tool that promises the ability to be able to generate Mercedes keys. When an uncertified tool, or a certified tool with an untrained locksmith, is connected to your Mercedes it can lead to a costly trip to the dealership. You will first have to get your vehicle towed which can cost anywhere between $75 and $200, here in Fort Lauderdale, depending on how far the nearest dealership is to your current location. In addition, you will have to pay for both parts and labor at the dealership. Furthermore, most dealerships will need to schedule you for an appointment before they can even take in your car. On average the dealership will charge you anywhere from $500 to $1200 for the new key plus whatever hourly rate they charge to diagnose the problem that was caused by the untrained locksmith.

     If you own a Mercedes vehicle the best practice is to always have a spare key in case of an emergency. If you, however, find yourself in a situation where all your keys are lost and you need to generate a new key from scratch follow these steps:


  1. Call the dealership to get a quote to have an idea of what you should be paying
  2. Call a certified local locksmith (your local locksmith will not rip you off so no need to try and call 100 locksmiths to try and get the cheapest price, that’s how you end up scammed or get a damaged vehicle) local locksmith prices are normally 15 to 20 percent cheaper than that of the dealership
  3. Explain the situation fully and give your address to your trusted locksmith
  4. Be patient because it can take 2 hours or more depending on which model Mercedes Benz you have.
  5. Once you get your key, double check to make sure the emergency key inside the smart key fob is cut.
  6. Finally, test to make sure everything works as it should, Mercedes trunk, lock and unlock, and make sure the emergency key can unlock the door.

If you are located in the Broward County area, for instance, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Pompano, Plantation, Sunrise, etc… and need a Mercedes locksmith to make you a new Mercedes key or a spare key for your Mercedes then feel free to give us a call at (954) 669-5523 and we will take care of you. All of our technicians are certified to work on Mercedes vehicles meaning anything that can go wrong in the complex process of making a Mercedes key, we can fix it. Our prices are very competitive, and we are hand down the go-to Locksmith company for all your Mercedes key needs. Give us a call today and lets us take your headache away with reliable services you can trust.

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